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Camp Sancta Maria offers campers a wide selection of programs and activities. It is our aim to make sure that campers have every opportunity to try out as many different activities as possible. For this reason, we assign all campers to a team with other boys/girls of their own age. Each day all campers check their team’s schedule and follow it accordingly. The schedule ensures that each camper’s day is full to the brim with fun activities.

Many of our campers have attended CSM for several years, so we recognize the need to continually add to our programs. Each year our staff consists of a number of teachers and we make use of the ideas and experience they bring to find new and creative programs.

This section of our website gives a description of only some of our time-honored traditional programs.

Arts & Crafts – Our craft cabin has a wide range of models and projects for campers to build, paint, stamp, dye, draw and weave. From tie-dye t-shirts to model airplanes, from bead necklaces to lanyards, there is something to appeal to every camper. Read More.

Archery – St. Sebastian’s archery range is where many a camper has practised the ancient art of mastering a bow and arrow. Read More.

Field Sports – The favorite program at for many campers is down on our sports field, known as the Front of the Hill or FOH. Here campers get the chance to burn off energy and learn new skills in an extensive range of sporting activities. Read More.

Horse Back Riding – The ride program caters for riders of all abilities, whether a camper has years of riding experience or has never sat on a horse, they are sure to spend some of their most exciting hours at camp learning how to earn the respect of these magnificent animals. Read More.

Water Activities – Other than the Mess Hall, the CSM Beach is the busiest place at Camp. Almost every program of every day, a waterfront activity is scheduled for both large and small groups to enjoy. From General Swim to Swim Instruction, and from Boat and Fish to Beach Volleyball, there are plenty of opportunities for each camper to enjoy our own private bay on Lake 27. Read More.

Camping – CSM’s camping program provides campers with the skills that allow them to get the best out their natural environment and truly enjoy spending time under the stars. Our counselors have extensive knowledge of how to teach wilderness survival, shelter-building, outdoor cooking, camp-fires, first-aid and camp-craft. Read More.

Mackinac Island – A much loved staple of any one or two-week session at CSM is the day-trip to Mackinac Island. It’s a special day, a chance to explore the history and novelties of one of Michigan’s greatest summer attractions. Read More.